SIG Combidome Carton Bottle 1000 ml
SIG Combidome Carton Bottle 750 ml
SIG Combidome Carton Bottle 500 ml
High-quality polygonal model. The model optimized for turbosmooth modifier. 3D model is UV-unwrapped and reference texture including. This can be used by designers to show off their designs progects. Every material and 3d obgect is named and ordered. When working with Corona Renderer the original file allows immediate photo-realistic rendering! Scene is set up to allow very fast mapping of designs to the 3d model and create renders quickly. The OBJ and FBX version can be used in other 3D-packages where the UV-mapping allows direct application of new designs to the 3d package (lighting and general material-properties are only set for Corona Renderer). File *FBX suitable for working on Adobe Substance 3D Stager. Every material is named and ordered. Scale in millimeters.

Archive contains:
- 1 file obj standard;- 1 file fbx standard - 1 file 3ds Max 2014; - 1 file 3ds Max 2014 Corona material 2.0; - 1 file Scene in 3ds max 2014 Corona material 2.0.

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